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December 2019

Happy New Year! Let’s welcome a new decade: 2020.  Last year just flew by, didn’t it?  Preston’s Pub had a wonderful 2019; meeting new customers, making friends, and creating new and delicious items to entice your taste buds!  And we plan for 2020 to be full of new and exciting food items and events!


January is National Meat Month!  We are introducing our new burger creation for you….The Guadalajara Burger.  Our signature burger cooked to perfection and topped with a fried egg, roasted red pepper, chorizo crumbles and nacho cheese.  It is fabulous.  Ole! Ole!


During the holidays, after enjoying all those home-made cookies and sweet treats, you may want to eat a little lighter and we are making this possible with 2 new items.  The Preston’s Veggie Sandwich and Vicky’s Veggie HummusPreston’s Veggie Sandwich begins with a toasted ciabatta roll and topped with garlic hummus, roasted red pepper, cucumber slices, red onion, arcadian lettuce, and pesto.  Doesn’t it sound great?  Vicky’s Veggie Hummus is the appetizer special for January.  Fresh garden vegetables chopped and marinated on top of garlic hummus and served with crisp corn chip wedges.  It is spectacular!


Also in January, our Meatloaf Dinner returns as it is a customer favorite!  Homemade meatloaf covered with brown gravy and served with warm mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.  Definitely comfort food on a cold winter night!  The French Onion Burger is back!  Our signature fresh burger topped with provolone and Swiss cheese and smothered in caramelized onions on a ciabatta roll.  Our Homemade Chili and Grilled Cheese hits the spot.  A heaping bowl of our famous homemade chili topped with shredded cheeses and diced onions and a grilled cheese sandwich specially designed by you!  


National Pizza Week starts Sunday, January 12 and continues all week.  Come by and try any of our amazing pizza choices.  It’s fun to create your own pizza and we have some creations to share with you.  Our pizza pies are fabulous!


With the holidays so busy at Preston’s Pub, we didn’t take time to celebrate with our employees so our Employee Holiday Party will be on Sunday, January 5.  We will close at 4:00 pm and apologize to you in advance, but our employees deserve an extra special evening of fun and no work!


The Paint and Sip Party is Wednesday, January 8 starting at 6:30 pm.  Register at www.funwithcanvas/upcomingclasses.  This party is always so much fun!  And in February we are planning a session for the kids!


Bingo is back on Thursday, January 9th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Thursday Nights are always Bingo Night at Preston’s Pub.  Join us, have some fun, and win prizes!  There is no entrance fee.


The Preston’s Pub Music schedule is:


            Friday, January 10 - Jackie Holtzhauver

            Friday, January 17 - Mike Lilburn and Chris Larsen

            Saturday, January 25  - Sarah Swanner and Kevin Geata


The music starts at 9:00 pm, so come by and enjoy the tunes and if you get the urge to dance, go for it!


A big – no a HUGE – thanks to everyone who has made Preston’s Pub a success.  We will celebrate 2 years in Manassas Park in 2020 and our success is due to our great and faithful customers!  You are our family now and we love you and thank you.  Let’s raise a glass or two to the New Year and we look forward to seeing you throughout 2020.


Take care, stay safe and healthy, and most of all SMILE!


The McNamara Clan